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Why Have John Buy Your Car?

John Wolfe

John Clay Wolfe has bought over 50 THOUSAND cars since entering the business in 1996. JCW protects you from low ball dealership trade-in offers, he puts you RIGHT ON THE MONEY. Kelly Blue Book, NADA Guide, and Black Book publishes a value opinion of X-Y or Z. JCW wrote…"the book", and his opinion is an OFFER, backed with old fashioned US dollars.

Wolfe said, “our systems today decode the VIN's, so dealers text VIN #’s while trading cars among one another…..The non-dealer public is smarter than dealers think, they will quickly adapt to the same method…..If Suzy Q Smith sends me her VIN #, miles with a brief description, my system generates a HARD BUY FIGURE for her in seconds”.

GIVE ME THE VIN™ is JCW’s way of inviting the public into the licensed dealer world, and protecting them from low ball trade offers at the dealership. JCW's bid is honored at many franchise dealerships as an “IN & OUT”. When applicable, IN & OUT means JCW can buy your trade via the new car dealership, preserving your sales tax CREDIT.


Radio Stations


Disclaimer: All on air bids are good for 7 days, and all bids and appraisals are based on your description of your vehicle. When arriving at a GIVE ME THE VIN™ affilliate to sell or trade your vehicle, the unit will be inspected by the dealer. All phone calls that are aired on Radio, TV or the internet are recorded. The recorded description you give of your vehicle is availible to all GIVE ME THE VIN™ afilliates to reconfirm both your description of the vehicle and bid you received.